Fortunately, Zong Ming didn’t know how to deal with this base and those two flying saucer mustard rings, although it was more magical, but it also had a disadvantage that the power in it allowed some supernatural beings and inanimate objects to hide living ordinary people in it, otherwise Zong Ming could bring a huge legion to a corner of the world and launch an unimaginable surprise attack on all the objects that wanted to attack, which was much more flexible than dropping troops.

After careful consideration, Zong Ming finally decided to rebuild his base in the Black Sun Valley in the Black Sun mainland. Only in that continent can Zong Ming transport his powerful power to everything, and only in that strong and powerful continent can he establish his great man empire.
After receiving all the alien technology and equipment presented by the card, Zong Ming was not in a hurry to achieve it. It is not possible to build a base in the history of mankind overnight. This is a huge plan and project. The most important thing is to avoid the detection of satellites in the space. If he wants to do this in secret, he must make a splash. When he can levitate the most advanced super-light speed warships to levy the earth, those belligerent and hegemonic powers, and modern human science and technology are as good as those in the cold weapon era and the modern automatic weapon era. The difference can be imagined.
The communication with Kaslaka Star Card can now come to an end. Zong Ming soon focused on the current primary strategic goal, such as dealing with Dongyang Empire. You know, the crisis of the Black Sun League has not been completely resolved, but the Sun Flag conspiracy has been temporarily alleviated. They will never sit idly by and watch the black Sun League develop and grow. The enmity between the two is definitely not frozen in a day. Only by entering Dongyang Empire and going deep into their sphere of influence can the Dongyang people’s conspiracy be disintegrated, divided and crushed to the maximum extent.
Zongming’s return to Jingshouxing Manor is the third day after Zongming body double, a black sun group in Jinlong City, held a large-scale memorial service. For him, it is customary for Wasano to come and go. This behavior of the Lord can’t be measured by ordinary people
The first thing Zong Ming did when he came back was to establish a connection with the blood spirit. They had a unique way of connecting with each other, and even if they were thousands of miles apart, they could sense the messages sent by each other.
Blood spirit seems to have sensed Zongming’s unique breath. At this time, he is lying comfortably in the bedroom of the original Tanigawa Qingfu, while slowly digesting all the information of the Tanigawa family in the body Tanigawa Qingfu Yuanshen.
"Xiaoling, you should have been happy for a while. What are you doing now?"
"Eldest brother, you’re missing again. I’m reposing in Furukawa Qingfu’s room. I have to digest all his memories. Otherwise, it would be a big sin for my family to see the flaw and break the old market plan."
"You’re too young to get carried away and know what the main time is. I’m very satisfied with that move. I want you to get a lot of benefits. I’m trying to wake you up and put yourself in your place. I’m too lazy to care so much about other people. Although it’s not a good thing to die in this world, it’s definitely not a bad thing."
"Boss, I promise I will do everything according to your command. You want me to go east. I will never dare to go west for so many years. The ghost spirit has also been sealed for ten thousand years. Now, Japan is the most comfortable and carefree day for me. I don’t want to go back to the past because I know that I have been killed by the boss. Whether I am a man or a ghost, it is the last word to face reality."
"I can’t see that your small adaptability is still quite strong. You are glib. This set of hands is quite fast. In a few days, I will find a suitable opportunity to make Taniguchi Gongxiong a royal wooden hideyoshi. Now he has a flying sword and a sword. In the eyes of ordinary people, it is very high, but for me it is pediatrics."
"Whether to make by furukawa QingFu hand illusion? But these two guys are usually very good, and the boss suddenly gets rid of Taniguchi Miyako by Tanigawa Kiyoo. It’s a bit unreasonable to find a way to create an opportunity to let him have conflicts. "
"I’ll think of some way for this opportunity, and then you just have to cooperate. I guess now, except Inoue Shouxing, several other guys are a little unhappy with me. I have to stir up the mixed water in Pearl Island."
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Chapter sixty-seven gather together before eastward
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Blood spirit because of the deep understanding of Tanigawa Qingfu’s memory, he is now very clear about many unknown scenes in the sun flag. He and Zongming have always been a spiritual exchange place, naturally knowing Zongming’s true identity. He sent an idea to Zongming and said, "Boss Sun Flag, Yanyan Society, The falling star group has been in frequent contact with the Mafia of Ames Empire recently. They are eyeing your Black Sun Group, but I don’t think you should focus on Pearl Island now. Although your Black Sun Group is strong, the strength of these four organizations can’t be ignored. The most important thing is that they have their own military forces behind them to secretly support the transformation of Ames Empire agents. Soldiers are now staring at Pearl Island. Although we don’t have to worry about these mundane things, not all of your Black Sun Group hands have our magical powers. And the situation in Mana Pearl Island is chaotic enough now. We don’t need to waste time and energy here to deal with Taniguchi Miyako. We can kill him anytime and anywhere. We’d better go to Dongyang Imperial Land for a look. This is my personal suggestion. I know you must have your plan. "
There is some truth in the meditation of Zong Ling’s words. At the beginning, dragon three invited him to come over. Now the effect has already exceeded. At that time, it was predicted that the territorial integrity of Pearl Island was a matter of time. The members of parliament of Tianlong Federation considered political issues and he could not solve it alone. Now, the senior officials of Tianlong Federation are not clear about his intention. At this time, the action can be finished. The strategic deployment of Dongyang Empire and Ames Empire is an empty military strategy. Now that the Sanlian Gang and the Baath Society Alliance have been promoted to deal with the bamboo gang, it is only a matter of time before they get out of Pearl Island and go to
Besides, the crisis of the Black Sun League is still waiting for death, so it is better to take the initiative to attack. A good fighter has always taken advantage of the situation, so it is even more necessary to find ways to create an advantage. Since the other party can come up with a strategy to combat the external forces of the Black Sun League, why can’t he take the tactics of surprise assassination and attack their leaders?
The core members of the Black Sun League can’t always settle in Jinlong City, posing as an enemy. If there is a thousand days to be a thief, how can there be a thousand days to prevent thieves? It’s better to leave the Pearl Island rotten stall to Tianlong federal congressmen to clean up. Entering Dongyang Empire as soon as possible is Zong Ming’s first priority at present
Thinking of this ghost, I sent an idea to the blood spirit, "I really didn’t call you Xiao Ling wrong. Wynaut Linghui Superman deserves to be a ghost spirit with a long history. You suggested that after I agreed, I would do as you said, we should March into Dongyang Empire as soon as possible, where we can do whatever we want."
"Boss, you are a fan of the authorities, and I am a bystander. It is clear that you are running around like a magical power. After all, a person’s energy is still limited. The most important thing is that you can’t be the boss. You have my Tanigawa Qingfu status from the layout and arrangement. You just sit and watch the drama."
"How does the Ames Empire react to the complete destruction of their naval base on Pearl Island?"
"Including the official high-level officials of Dongyang Empire, they all think that this is the Tianlong federal military instigating to use force to recover the powerful military action on Pearl Island. No one took this matter as a terrorist attack planned by individuals or organizations. We can think of a proper way to reveal to Ames Empire that the powerful explosion was caused and started by Dongyang Imperial People. You don’t know Jing Shouxing, but it is a headache for him. No matter what achievements he made before, he is the supreme leader of Dongyang Empire in Pearl Island. I’m sorry. As a result, Dongyang Empire is bound to relieve all the important people in Pearl Island, so we can naturally go back to Dongyang Empire with them and have a good toss, boss. Don’t you know that Tamaki Hideyoshi also suggested to Inoue Shouhang to come forward and ask you to give them a hand? "
"What did Jing Shouxing say at that time?"
"Inoue Shouhang said that it is not ripe to ask you to help them now. He regarded you as a trump card to deal with the Black Sun Group. I almost couldn’t help laughing off my teeth and discussing with you. Isn’t it a tiger’s skin for the Black Sun Group? Inoue Shouhang said that he would let you go to Dongyang Imperial Land first and then arrange it?"
"Listen to your meaning. Do I take the initiative to go out to the Dongyang Imperial Land with Jing Shouxing? Will he invite me these two days?"
"Yes, boss, it was when I mastered these things that you didn’t know that I remembered to get away from Pearl Island as soon as possible. Your hands have killed enough people during this period. I can see that they are masters of repairing the truth in Tianlong Mainland. Think about the boss, so that you can have such a master of repairing the truth as a soldier to fight against ordinary soldiers. Isn’t this a 30-year-old adult bullying a three-year-old child?"
"Hey, hey, hey, of course, good steel must be in the cutting edge. Since a person has extraordinary power, of course, he must let them give full play to it. Fighting is the best way to give full play to all forces. This calls for people to make the best use of their talents and find a suitable position in your department. This is a strategy that a high leader must have."
"The boss is the boss. You can let me give full play to my magical powers and powers. You know that it is best to prove that everything has its vanquisher. It is really not good for your boss if I don’t."
"It’s not a good thing to do things too smoothly. Maybe it is in Dongyang Empire that the soil is the most powerful test of the power we have. Dongyang Empire can develop so strongly in such a short time. There must be something unique that others don’t know. I think I must have a super power with their country. I am the best example. If I am not a person who has absolute power to fix the truth, I am talking about it and I can’t develop the Black Sun League to today’s situation in such a short time. From this, Jing Shouxing said to me. It’s true that there is an institution that specializes in studying "sex" in Dongyang Empire. They have long known that if a person’s potential is truly and completely released, it’s a pity that there are still too many people in Tianlong mainland who don’t understand this simple and understandable truth. They are all hiding in the mountains and pursuing the roots of heaven, and they don’t know how to transport their abilities to the most meaningful and valuable aspects of life. "
"I only recently learned this truth, boss. It seems that we need to find a way to stimulate those fix true scholars in the mainland for a long time."
"In this respect, I have made arrangements. I want to re-establish the Monty Sect and collect more disciples. At that time, I don’t believe that there will be no noble and decent Sect to intervene. Although it is possible to provoke a battle for repairing the true in Tianlong mainland, it is necessary to do things without paying a price. Let our magic extreme measure’s life die and blood flow to knock their ignorant heads!"
"Boss, I am really looking forward to this day. I really want to go back to Tianlong Mainland now, which is my birthplace. I want to return to my roots!"
"When we have finished all the things in Dongyang Empire, it will be the day when we return to Tianlong mainland and Xiaoling will have you and me to show great power."
It’s over. The blood spirit communicates with Zongming, and it’s connected with the green holy spirit again
During the handover of alien technology between Zongming and Ka these days, Qingsheng and all the free and unfettered soldiers were stung by the headquarters of Sanlian Gang. They lived in seclusion and were born as practitioners. After being brainwashed by Zongming, they had no desire to stay in the world of mortals. When there was no action, they were all practicing self-cultivation. Constant fighting and abstinence made the personal ability of these free and unfettered soldiers greatly improved, and almost everyone was practicing self-cultivation to a higher level.
Dongo arranged the mysterious department of Zongming for a very long time, and at the same time, he also ordered all the members of the Sanlian Gang not to reveal the whereabouts and origins of these mysterious masters to people. He didn’t pursue Chen Zhenbei’s sudden becoming an idiot too much. Since the day he sent someone to take Chen Zhenbei back from Jingshouhang Manor, he knew that it must have come from Zongming’s handwriting that Zongming could leave Chen Zhenbei with a "sexual" life, which was enough for him in the east of Marco.
Like Dongo, Chen Shouxin didn’t get to the bottom of this disappointing and unfilial idea. He now spends all his energy on stabilizing the political situation in Pearl Island. Chen Shouxin knows something about Yu Zongming from Dongo’s mouth. He also knows that Dongyang Empire and Ames Empire were attacked at the military base in Pearl Island and Zong Ming, a mysterious figure who suddenly appeared from Pearl Island, is very beneficial to the independence and dignity of the people of Pearl Island. Chen Shouxin didn’t reveal anything to the leader of the ruling party in Pearl Island except that he had nothing to do. He didn’t want to attract himself for nothing.
Zong Ming’s action against Dongyang Empire and Ames Empire represents every dragon’s heart. He has not done any harm to the ruling forces in Pearl Island, but is helping Chen Shouxin get rid of Dongyang Empire in disguise. He is extremely interested in Zong Ming’s mysterious and unpredictable identity. He has told Dongo more than once that he wants to meet Zong Ming and have a deep talk.
After Ames Empire suffered heavy military losses on Pearl Island, the posture of the bamboo gang decreased significantly, but after receiving the secret alliance information of the Sanlian Gang and Fuxing Society, they were more restrained, and they also sent a friendly request for alliance to Chen Shouxin.
It can be said that Chen Shouxin did not help to unify the underworld forces in Pearl Island in a disguised form. Now Pearl Island looks chaotic. In fact, it is the influence of Dongyang Empire and Ames Empire on Pearl Island that caused chaos. In essence, it has no effect on the ruling party in Pearl Island, but it is very helpful. Therefore, Chen Shouxin is now sitting quietly to see how long Dongyang Empire and Ames Empire can toss and turn in Pearl Island.
Chen Shouxin grasped everything because of his private secrets and the alliance with the top management of Tianlong Federation. He agreed with the independent development policy of Tianlong Federation of one country, two systems. He didn’t think that leaving Tianlong Federation system was good for the development of Pearl Island. It was definitely a waste of people and money and a loss of others, which was not for the wise.
There will be people clamoring to leave the Tianlong Federation in Pearl Island. Dongyang Empire and Ames Empire are behind the scenes. These two hegemonic countries attach great importance to the geographical position of Pearl Island in the Pacific strategic fortress. Once they successfully instigate Pearl Island to leave the Tianlong Federation system, they can justifiably strengthen military deployment on Pearl Island, which can turn Pearl Island into a giant land carrier in the Pacific Ocean and launch a military base and war fortress for aggression against Tianlong Federation in the future.
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Chapter 60 Heart is connected.
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After learning about the latest trends and intentions of the Sanlian Gang from Qingsheng, Zongming also moved the idea of meeting Chen Shouxin. He told Qingsheng to discuss with Dongo and find a suitable opportunity to arrange a secret meeting with Chen Shouxin.