"Is it funny?"

Just a moment after the massacre, the cold sound suddenly came, that is, at this time, Chen Han and others went directly into the Wenjia compound without being banned by the immortal avatar means, and saw the terrible scene here with their own eyes.
Is wantonly killing pour out the in the mind unwilling and anger Kong Liu silly stood on the spot, because he found immortal strength completely solidified don’t understand.
This is the field of the immortal and the strong, even if the immortal and the strong can resist it, let alone have him in the early days of the immortal.
"How did this happen … how did it happen …"
Look at the people who used to be familiar with, look at the Wen family who gave her clothes, chatted with her, admired flowers, and often guided her harem to lie on the ground looking at Kong Liu’s disheveled face, and playing cat and mouse with the banned harem with a disgusting smile, ready to * * face again after the game.
Nails are embedded in the snow-white skin of the palm of your hand, and red blood overflows the ice pupil along your fingers, screaming almost crazily, "You scum, I’m going to kill you!"
It’s cold and hot outside. She looks coldly at the Wen family. However, saving her life and receiving mercy is the kindness behind her.
She won’t forget, and she can’t forget, when the feelings haunt her, when the depression disappears, when she sees the people she once knew suffer the most cruel killing and the feelings suddenly erupt.
There is guilt, sadness and sympathy for the Wen family, but more is anger and murder against Kong Liu and his hands.
Just as she was about to rush over and draw a sword to kill someone, she heard solemnly that the shape of the sea of clouds flashed in front of him and looked at Qi Xianer and said, "This is a door matter. If you intervene, it will not work. It is likely to cause great trouble. It is a war between two sects!"
"I am Chen Han woman and you are Chen Han brother!" JiXianEr shouted.
"I’m Kong Liu, the candidate elder of Youquanmen, and I’m also the candidate elder of Youquanmen, and this is the site of Youquanmen. Are you white?" Yun Haishen said
"The sea of clouds is right."
The presence of three figures at the scene is exactly what they left behind. The first person said, "Qi Xianer, this is a door matter. If you intervene, we will have to deal with you. You should be white here. The people in Youquanmen are not the people under the jurisdiction of Qingtian Sword Sect, even if we can’t intervene in the competition for the candidate elders."
"Ha ha … the sea of clouds are you here? I didn’t expect you to come so soon and congratulate you on your promotion! " Kong Liu laughed hysterically for fear.
When he saw the sudden strength of the Xianzun field, he almost wet his pants in the sea of clouds, and the three Xianzuns appeared in the sea of clouds, and their beating hearts were replaced by excitement. It turned out that the Xianzun was from another sect. The Qingtian Sword Sect in Youquanmen territory must not intervene in the competition of other people’s candidate elders. Isn’t that not equal to stepping in?
The three immortals who came from Xuan Lixing were inclined to the sea of clouds anyway, but in this case, they had to intervene. Otherwise, were they still masters of Youquan?
"Kong Liu, you are a complete king egg!" Duanmu Yunhai was furious.
"I am a king’s egg. Can you be like that?"
Kong Liu has long been holding the broken pot and broken the psychological wanton laughter "What makes you argue with me? Yes, I lost the second place, but this time I think if you win me, I will let you taste the feeling of falling from the clouds to the bottom. Can you resist me? "
As early as more than ten days ago, Qu Zhe left with more than 200 immortals. Now, although the experts of Yunhai Hui are limited, they can’t cross their eyes in private. Where can he find so many experts to fight against Kong Liu’s more than 100 immortals?
"Screen son, do you want to let them go? Ha ha ….. "Kong Liu unscrupulous eyes in the ice pupil body and he.
"Kong Liu, what do you want?" Yun hai nu he
"how about it? You are the winner. What can you do if you lose? "
"Don’t pretend, now you have the absolute advantage."
Kong Liu’s face was full of grimaces. He looked at the three immortals and asked, "The three elders stipulated that the candidate elders could not kill their competitors, but what if both sides volunteered to fight for life and death?"
The three men immediately thought of his intention, but they couldn’t help but say, "If the two sides voluntarily fight for life and death, they will naturally not ask."
"The sea of clouds is now full of wind. If you want to save the Wen family, you will have another life-and-death fight with the seat!"
"I promise!"
"This time, I will not only let you die, but also let your brother die, so that your blood will end and your grandson will be cut off!"
Kong Liu, full of murderous eyes, stared at Chen Han slowly and said, "Life-and-death struggle, but don’t talk about what is fair in this life-and-death struggle. This time I’m in the wind. It’s up to you whether I answer or not. If you don’t agree, the Wen family will not only die, but also suffer from the dead body … Hey, hey, you two brothers are fighting with someone in the place!"
Although he hated the sea of clouds in his bones, he hated Chen’s cold at all. He was the only star in the sky, and he killed more than 100,000 private soldiers with a team of one thousand people, causing heavy losses.
Thousands of people against thousands of people, they don’t know how to win, but two people against more than 100 people, and both of their brothers are Chinese and Western immortals, but their opponents are more than 100 immortals. If he doesn’t believe it, he can’t do these two evils.
Not only should the competing sea of clouds die, but his younger brother should also go to the grave to cut off the incense of Yunjia (whose surname is Duanmu is unknown to the outside world) completely.