When two ships shuttle back and forth in Beigang, people will ask you if the captain in front of outsiders in Sun En wants to be embarrassed. So Wu Xin was sent to this stupid job. After all, it is hard to say whether people will be exposed by such a question. This flaw is like the fact that the people in the movie will immediately turn against each other and prepare for sudden combat.

"Sparrow, why didn’t you go to Penghu Islands?" In the process of searching, the wave asked
"I won’t be ashamed to know that you are scheming in the early stage, but I don’t know that you are so bad that you will try to block your way back to the village." Sparrow said, "The eternal guardian is under great pressure now, especially the Wolf clan and the fifth element have expressed their ability to clean up the China waters. The International Maritime Trade Organization has voted against eternity. You are the Pirate King. Everyone’s attention is on this side of China."
"Where are your two minions?" Asked the cockroach
"One is going to suppress your pirates, and the other is not. Besides, we are friends, not followers." Sparrow deliberately corrected.
Sparrows are supposed to be people who play with great characteristics in the game, PK III. Otherwise, if you just greet her ancestors, she will pay no attention to it. Being a hunter, it is always difficult for people to meet vulgar people with money and experience. Sparrows all turn a deaf ear, except for the fear of trumpets. Even the fifth element, the ninth father-in-law, has been hacked to death by her. Another feature is frugality. It is really a second-class dinghy that she is so wealthy.
The biggest feature is the mystery. Except for the thunder and the elimination of wolves, or including them, they have never seen the true face of sparrows. In an interview with Nautical, she said that she was afraid of retaliation at first, but she didn’t feel the need to publicize it.
The sparrow and the dread are unfamiliar all their lives. In the unfamiliar stage, Wu Xin and Nulei are still familiar with the elimination of wolves, but the sparrow has a bad idea and will not be polite at all. "The shepherd slaps him?"
"What?" Wu Xin is not white
"If you don’t have skills, he won’t die even if he is a first-class citizen, but if he is a Sun En family, he is likely to run away."
Wu Xin asked, "Why don’t you come?"
"This one thousand killed you pirates or pirates, but I am not a hunter." Sparrow sighed, "This is not a hunter. You don’t know that when the hunter takes out his bitter sword, it will take 10 thousand ants to tread on it carefully. It is necessary to observe whether this ant is public property."
"All right!" Wu Xin doesn’t like arguing. It means that this idea can be implemented, but it is likely to have some risks and variables. For example, when Wu Xin jumped to the other side’s hull for the second slap, the captain of the other side gave up an order and Wu Xin’ brushed’ and disappeared.
Sparrows surprised way "to the vice? The shepherd singled out Sun En? "
Langyu channel asked "sheep coordinates!"
“、!” Wu Xin depressed was exiled.
"coming!" The wave waved to the sparrow. "You play first and I’ll pick people up."
"Oh!" Sparrows are clever and nod as if they know they are in trouble.
The wave soon reached the coordinates and asked, "Who? Where did the dead sheep float? "
"You this pig exile about two nautical miles, you may arrive so soon? I have called an angel to pick me up. "
"What do you mean?" Wave wonder
Wu Xin said, "The sparrow is playing with us, and your horse will turn back. I estimate that the dead sparrow has locked Sun En."
"Can’t you? She did her … "Wave words half suddenly realized and then slapped himself" top you a little lung niang yao fool us? Her root is not recognition "
"Her risk level is at least not lower than ours. It is very likely that she will be the same as us. Otherwise, she won’t have a reason to dodge us." The sparrow dodged when Wu Xin discovered it. If Wei is also a hunter ship, it may crash with her and dodge. It is normal to secretly hand, but Wei is a pirate ship and not a hunter. Wu Xin decided that the sparrow had a plot early in the morning.
Then the sparrow made the most serious basic knowledge mistake and asked Wu Xin to provoke the other ship. Wu Xin was sure that the sparrow wanted to adjust the number of fear at least and the number of fear points. It is very likely that she has locked in Sun En and is going to eat alone. Wu Xin will play along and be exiled after watching the coordinates. He dare not say on the team channel, otherwise the sparrow essence will soon find flaws in the body language of the crew.
This remark made the cockroach feel cold. "Are sheep and human nature as sinister as you and sparrows?" When he was in front of him, he didn’t feel anything wrong. Is he too kind or is the world all bad?
"Cockroach, this conflict of interest, for example, if you and another classmate rob the tutor for postgraduate entrance examination, you have no mind’s eye at all, but the former one must have no mind’s eye at all. After much experience, you can instantly show the intention in the other person’s words. Is there something unnatural hidden in his natural tone?"
"Alas ….. if you have sparrows, you will have sheep." Dragonfly sighed. "One hundred meters away, the dragonfly meets the dock and a captain is fighting one-on-one."
"Yes," said the cockroach. "Sparrows are very capable of one-on-one combat now."
"Nonsense! The sparrow took the sword system as the captain’s equipment, and Sun En took the equipment that the harpoon system didn’t recognize. "Langdao" We robbed it if she was unkind. "
Wu Xin said, "If this is the E level, then we can get the A level."
Dragonfly wry smile "sheep’s mouth is worse than crow"
Talking, several heads suddenly appeared on the water near Sun En’s boat, and then these water-ghost boats took Sun En’s boat for sixty times, and then took out their bows together. Sparrows knew it was bad, but the boat was docked and alone, so there was no back road, and it was shot into white light by two rows of arrows and rain.
"Black beard has a platoon of guns and Sun En has a platoon of arrows," Lang Khan said. "Isn’t the arrow a lookout?" He has quietly turned around. This is not only two rows of arrows, but two rows of arrows brushed by lookout hands. The lookout hand in the big voyage is already very high. There are 60 lookout hands piled up here in damage per second’s role. People come to kill sheep and slaughter them.
"That’s an explanation," Bai Wen said with a wry smile. "He weaved 60 lookout hands into the water like a formation of players. The sailors’ attack and defense were less than half, but it was easy for these people to attack and kill with a small arrow rain and then half."
"It’s a shame to play this way," Mei said. In those days, if there were players in the autonomous port to play one-on-one hit like this, it would never be a fear.
"Yes!" Wu Xin said angrily, "If you want to let 60 gunners have sex, there are only two professional discriminations!"
Waves daydream "If sixty waves are released …"
Everyone shudders, and the output attack power will be terrible, forming the first output occupation of great navigation-the captain’s attack power is high, stepping on his five occupations, and others are really swords. Your quilt may fool the lookout, but it will never fool the captain. He can cut people into paste.
Friend said softly, "Can’t this give full play to the professional characteristics of the captain?" The captain is afraid to fight with people because he is concerned about the life and death of a ship. There are dozens of captains who have cut it. The destructive power is really beyond the imagination of ordinary people. Compared with doctors and craftsmen, the captain can carry more flat defense than the gunner, and at the same time, he has more blood defense, which is only weaker than the boatswain’s attack on the first defense and the second, which means that he is the first efficient thug.
Lang Dao: "Sure enough, after such an analysis, I know how to do this E-class by one ship, that is, to transport a ship captain and others, and a ship lookout K supercomputer is really not a general flow."
"shh!" Youer Trail: "The net stream speaks ill of supercomputers and hides lucky attributes."
"Is there any evidence?" Wave surprised to ask
"The problem is that there is no evidence to prove that there is no such thing." That is, I would rather believe it or not. When Mr. Sun Yat-sen was young, he had the courage. The social atmosphere turned over the Bodhisattva. Now many people would rather not believe it than talk about and blaspheme the gods. There is always a contingency …
If you talk fast and may violate this taboo, you won’t do anything to reduce the lucky wave, so you can add, "I mean, if a supercomputer is romantic and doesn’t flow, it is talented …"
Failure, but everyone has learned that supercomputers are lewd, which is beyond ordinary people’s imagination. After all, people introduced that it is possible to write a single boat.
Lang finally faced up to the fact that after E-class returned to Hangzhou, everything was cancelled except the ancient sea city. Seeing that his own adventure experience was detained, Lang felt distressed. It is good for everyone to work as a captain. There are disadvantages for everyone. One person carries cruel society and cruel reality … Of course, there are fears that the crew has no conscience.
The Eternal Association in the southern part of China Sea has held several meetings to study how to break this mine array and offer a large reward to the outside world. There is a business story that a toothpaste factory has been offering a large reward because its performance has been increasing because its local market share is close to saturation. The last ordinary worker gets a bonus, and his point is simply to expand the toothpaste mouth by one millimeter.
The Eternal Guild is obviously not as lucky as that toothpaste factory, so it’s just a matter of unifying the rules. Apart from the ship-to-sea strategy, there’s another creative idea, that is, a third-class ship hangs a dinghy to touch the thunder, and there are also experts who have math problems. It is estimated that about 3,000 second-class ships and one thunder will need to be demined all the way to the pirate village. The practice is equal to 1,500 second-class ships. Don’t expect everyone to contribute to buy a first-class ship and one thunder. The market price of a first-class ship needs 3,000
As a result of the eternal guardian meeting, he developed such a thing and almost vomited blood. He didn’t deny that he still had a very good mathematician and economist, but … It seemed that there was only one way to break the enemy pirate village. He said that this village was mined in such a package, which was tantamount to giving up, and it was also tantamount to abandoning the village and fearing people. It was impossible to make the enemy pirate village again.
Screw said that the symbolic meaning of taking the enemy pirate village is greater than the actual meaning. Now almost all members of the organization are looking at the situation here in China. It is not discussed that the enemy pirate village must be captured in half a month.
After voting, Nai chose hard support and adopted the first-class ship blasting method to push forward. Mathematicians also calculated that because there are 50 ships of the first-class ship sold in four major cities, 30 ships are refreshed every day, and the highest 30 ships in ten small cities are refreshed every day. Of course, it is not a problem to buy ships from neighboring cities such as South Korea, Japan and Vietnam to supplement them. According to the speed and analysis, mathematicians have come to the conclusion that the channel can be blasted in about ten days, and a bloody road can be produced.
Then do it, and then mobilize ten third-class ships forever, and don’t go back to Fuzhou to repair after breaking the lightning protection network, which is cheaper than the first-class ship insurance.