This array is already in his mind. He is not just following the map.

Actually, just as he was leaving LA, Lotito called him and told him that david silva had been successfully dug up.
In addition, negotiations with Dinamo Zagreb on modric are also progressing smoothly, and it should not be too much money to take the other side.
Lotito really didn’t let him down, so he fulfilled his original promise-try his best to win and bring the players he wanted.
Then it’s the turn of Changsheng to try his best to improve the team’s strength.
In the vision of constant victory, there will definitely be a position for Passareira in Lazio’s main central defender in the future.
This tall but not clumsy centre-back, with flexible figure, exquisite technique and excellent consciousness, is regarded as Lazio’s future Starr by Changsheng.
Moreover, Sai Passareira is of special significance to Changsheng-he is the first player to bring success after Changsheng crossed over.
Chang Sheng has always had a very special feeling for Sai Passareira.
Some media ridiculed that Sai Passareira is a constant winner, and that there is nothing wrong with saying so.
I wanted to take him away when I was in Valencia, but Hertha had to treat herself as Kay, and she couldn’t really be slaughtered.
Now Changsheng will go to Sai Passareira again so that he won’t be slaughtered.
Because … The contract between Sese Passareira and Hertha is about to expire in the summer of 25 years!
At this time, the Spanish media are also paying attention to this matter.
Hertha Club has offered Cesar Passareira many new contracts, but Cesar Passareira just won’t renew them because he doesn’t have an agent, so it is impossible to put pressure on him through an agent.
This makes Hertha Club feel a headache.
It doesn’t feel good to watch the most valuable player in his club leave them. If I had known I should have sold it to Changsheng Valencia, I would have made some money. It’s not like drawing water from a bamboo basket now …
Players don’t renew their contracts with the club, and the club can’t force him. Although they can let the head coach put Sai Passareira on the bench, the team’s performance will be greatly affected. Hertha can now be promoted from the second division to the first division. Sai Passareira not only made outstanding contributions in defense, but also made contributions to the team at the crucial moment.
Hertha now has to rely on Sai Passareira and Carlos Campo to gain a foothold in the first division.
Carlos Campo and Passareira are good friends again. If the club treats Sai Passareira unfairly, Carlos Campo will not rebel …
In this way, the Hertha Club’s boat will finally be able to watch Sai Passareira’s contract with the club remain for half a year …
According to the regulations, Sai Passareira has now contacted other clubs and signed a contract before.
It’s not that there are no other clubs looking for one of the best young central defenders in Cesc Passareira. He has many suitors in Spain.
However, Sai Passareira doesn’t talk to these teams at all, even without contact, so that those clubs can worry.
Slowly, everyone is white-Sai Passareira’s waiting for another person to call is like waiting for her husband to return.
Maybe this metaphor is a little sad, but this is the reality.
Changsheng doesn’t even know where one of his teams will be, but Sai Passareira is so infatuated with waiting for it. If Changsheng doesn’t find a suitable team in summer, will Sai Passareira lose his job?
Of course, it’s impossible for a winner to find a team, but if he doesn’t talk about it until the end of the season, does Cesc Passareira have to wait for the whole pre-season training?
All this is really sad.
Some people think that Sai Passareira’s feelings for Changsheng are really touching, but this is not a wise decision.
They don’t know that Changsheng has signed a contract with Lazio and the first one to come to see him is Passareira.
Although I value Sai Passareira very much, Changsheng didn’t go to Hertha by himself. That’s not necessary
One word is enough for a constant victory.
After returning to his apartment in Rome, Changsheng called plug Passareira.
"Would you like to accept a new challenge with me?"
It’s been a long time. Sai Passareira hasn’t received any big talk from the old man, but he never doubted whether he had been forgotten by the boss.
He waited silently and stubbornly for a word.
Now he has finally arrived.
Sai Passareira didn’t even fluctuate in his voice. He said to Changsheng, "I do, boss!"
Just like a bride and groom, Passareira decided his career future.
There is no constant victory to elaborate on the future prospects, and he has not repeatedly asked to confirm where he will go. There is no dog blood rescue drama.
Changsheng personally executed the first transfer transaction, so it was finalized.
Sai Passareira is almost superstitious and believes in winning.
He believes that winning constantly will not let him down.